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September 11-15, 2015

Saint-Paul (Québec)


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Temperament Test


Temperament testing will be held Sunday Sept. 13th.

Registration starts at 8:30

Testing starts at 9:00

The Temperament Test (TT) is open to all Hovawarts.

Adult temperament test is for dogs at least 18 months old. Only dogs at least 18 months of age on the day of testing can receive an adult evaluation which counts to earn the club's Breeding Status.

Every dog between 6 and 18 months of age can take the junior temperament test on a training or experience basis.

Even if you have previously completed and passed the temperament test, it is worth doing again! Different judges offer you valuable feedback regarding your hovawart’s unique temperament, character, and behavior to help you with your relationship with your dog.

Judge:  Mr Michael Kunze

Conformation and Temperament Test Specialty Judge.

He will honor us with his expertise as the Senior Judge of

Rassezuchtverein für Hovawarthunde e.V. (RZV)

in Germany.

His expertise involves developing the hovawart

temperament test for RZV.

As a breeder with his own kennel, Hovawarte vom Julienhof, Mr. Kunze has been actively involved in RZV since 1987, and he has extensive experience in judging internationally.