Hovawart Club of North America America

September 11-15, 2015

Saint-Paul (Québec)


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Banquet & Lunch box

Hot and cold water and coffee will be available during throughout the event.


Saturday and Sunday lunches

Individual lunch boxes of salads and sandwiches will be delivered to the venue on both days for those who have ordered them on the registration form.

Orders will need to be confirmed 48 hours in advance, so please indicate on your registration form how many lunches you will be ordering for your party on each day.

We will have different menus for Saturday and Sunday.

 Each lunch box cost 12$.

Monday and Tuesday lunches

These will be buffet-style with platters of sandwiches, cheese, salads, and desserts.

Each lunch meal cost 15$.

You have to indicate how many luches you need in the Entry form.


Will be at Benny’s Restaurant.

515 Boulevard Dollard, Joliette, QC, 450-760-9444.

You can review menus at:  


There will be a very special anniversary celebration and the Award ceremony for the Conformation show winners.

Orders will be «a la carte » at the attendee’s expense.

We would need to know how many adults and children will join us, so we can plan accordingly.  Please mark the appropriate line on the registration form.

Note that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.