Hovawart Club of North America America

September 11-15, 2015

Saint-Paul (Québec)


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Meet & Greet

Acceuil  / Meet & Greet

Vendredi / Friday at 19:00

At Michel and Raymonde’s place

166 chemin Cyrille-Beaudry

Saint-Paul, Qc  Canada  J0K 3E0

Joignez-vous à nous pour une rencontre amicale avant les événements de la fin de semaine.  Venez rencontrez vos amis et/ou vous en faire de nouveaux.  Ce sera le début des célébration de notre 20e anniversaire.  Un goûter sera servi.

Come and join us for a social casual gathering before the events on Saturday. This will be a great beginning of our 20th anniversary celebration. Here you can meet new friends and greet old ones.  Snacks, wine and beer will be offered.

Also, one hour before the Meet and Greet (18:00), you will be able to register or to meet with either Elisabeth Arévalo or Barbara Mennite to familiarize yourself with what to expect in the ring the next day.

This meeting would help newcomers overcome “the jitters.” Remember, we all started sometime! If you would like to meet with one of us, please contact either

Elisabeth: breeding@hovawartclub.org

Barbara:   info@hovawartclub.org .

If you wish to register, please, bring your dog’s original pedigree and proof of immunizations.