Hovawart Club of North America America

September 11-15, 2015

Saint-Paul (Québec)


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Judge:  Mr Michael Kunze

Educational Presentation by Mr. Michael Kunze

“What Is Unique About Hovawart Temperament,

The Way We Test, And Why?”

After the Temperament Testing, Mr. Kunze will present an educational program about hovawart temperament.

Do you wonder why the temperament test is arranged the way it is?

What are we looking for and how do we determine the results?

Is a hovawart’s temperament, character, and behavior a matter of nature or nurture?

What distinguishes the hovawart’s character from other breeds?

Why does eligibility for the Adult Test begin at 18 months?

Mr. Kunze will allow plenty of time at the end to answer your questions too!